Fabio Almeida



MSc. Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering



Truphone SCNL

Feb. 2020 - Mar. 2020

Implemented a working AI customer support bot integrated with Salesforce

  • Analyzed different AI customer support bots and selected the most adequate one/most profitable one
  • Automated support messages and case creating for each customer
  • Education

    NOVA School of Science and Technology

    Sep. 2017 - Present

    MSc. Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Current Average Grade: 7.5/10
  • Specialization
  • Energy
  • Robotics
  • Salesianos de Manique - Escola

    Sep. 2009 – Jul. 2017
  • Average Grade: 7/10
  • Specialization
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Competitions and Personal Projects

    Solar Project

    • Solar Project: www.solar.fabio-almeida.com
    • Easy to use Photovoltaic Power calculator
    • Uses PVGIS API to use up-to-date data
    • Built using React

    Oeiras Valley Award 2022

    • Participation (still undergoing)

    Android App

    • Built and deployed a functional Android App on the Google Play Store

    EDP University Challenge 2020

    • The scope of the project was to build a more sustainable watering system for agriculture
    • Improving water-efficient irrigation


    FIC.A — Internacional Science Festival


    Banco Alimentar

    • Worked as a team leader and coordinator for 3 consecutive years

    • Salesianos National Games

    • Logistics management team


    Social Skills & Competences

    • Good adaptation to multi-cultural environments
    • Ambition to achieve goals and meet deadlines
    • Ability to share resources and help each other
    • Team spirit
    • Good communication skills
    • Skills acquired in the context of recreational activities and training in non-formal education

    Technical Skills & Competences

    • Knowledge of programming languages (Java, JavaScript, Petri Nets, Python)
    • Very basic HTML concepts
    • Knowledge of computer hardware
    • Software usage understanding (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AnyLogic, PSS/E, MatLab)
    • GitHub usage understanding
    • Internet usage understanding
    • Arduino/Raspberry Pi acquired skills in the context of home use and academic use